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We   are   responsible   for   the   day   to   day   management   of   the   team   and   our   companies operational   procedures.      We   provide   support   to   the   team,   tenants,   carers   and support   providers   ensuring   that   the   services   we   provide   are   delivered,   monitored, maintained and improved upon were necessary.

Michelle Rimmer

Gordon Barton

Managing Director

Managing Director

Katrina Simpson

Benefits Advisor

I    support    tenants    to    apply    for    and obtain      their      full      entitlment      to benefits.        I    support    tenants    with housing       benefit       and       personal benefits,   supporting   individuals   with the    completion    of    forms    and    keep track    of    changes    in    circumstances liaising    with    local    authorities    and benefits agencies.

Denis Jolly

Director of Development & Maintenance

I    will    assist    tenants    with    finding    a property    that    meets    their    needs    or can   assist   and   arrange   all   necessary works/adaptations/repairs       to       be carried out to a property. I   will   ensure   that   PFL   as   a   supported housing     landlord     conform     to     all regulations           to           meet           their responsibilities     in     connection     with your     home.     I     can     offer     practical advice   and   support   on   looking   after your home.

Sue Holding

Repairs Manager

I    take    all    your    repairs,    arrange    and contractors   to   carry   our   works   to   your home.     I     will     check     that     jobs     are carried    out    and    completed    and    that tenants    are    happy    with    the    work.    I can   arrange   quotes   and   help   with   jobs that    are    our    tenant’s    responsibility and   will   keep   you   informed   of   what   is going   on.   I   can   arrange   to   maintain, repair   and   replace   any   appliances   we have provided to our tenants.

Richard Cafiero

Tenant Support Officer

I   will   visit   you   in   your   own   home   to check   that   all   is   going   well   with   your tenancy   and   support.   I   will   assist   you to   maintain   your   tenancy   and   review your    support    plan.    I    can    visit    more frequently     if     there     is     a     particular problem that you need help with.

Sinead McGowan

Tenant Services Manager

I   meet   with   tenants,   families,   carers and   Support   Providers   and   can   offer advice   on   Support   Packages,   Support Services,   Finances,   DFG   Funding   and Personal    Benefits.    I    can    arrange    to visit    tenants    at    their    home    if    they have   any   issues   or   problems   that   they wish to discuss. I    manage    the    voids    at    our    existing properties      and      liaise      with      Local Authorities,    Support    Providers    and other   agencies   looking   at   the   needs   of the     individuals     and     compatibility with any existing tenants.

Cinzia Napoli

Assistant Office Manger

Juli Round

Office Manager

I deal with the day to day finances of the company which involves maintaining the accounts and preparing for audit, all aspects of banking, VAT, paying of contractors, annual returns and property insurance, ensuring we meet all our financial requirements in relation to our obligation in providing supported housing.

Clare Daven


Richard Eastwood


I carry out the local DIY services, PAT testing and gardening services to our tenants. I also assist with the repairs service ensuring jobs are completed within a satisfactory timescale and tenants are happy with the work carried out. I arrange quotes for jobs that are tenant’s responsibility.

Mark Bowker

Repairs Team

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I   carry   out   Stock   Condition   surveys at   our   properties   and   help   arrange     our              rolling              maintenance programmes.     I     Monitor     jobs     to ensure we deliver a   good   quality   service   and   check   it meet our standards
Juli   -   I   have   the   responsibility   to   manage   the   day   to   day   running   of   the   office with assistance from  Cinzia.  We are also the office first aiders. I am the fire marshall and carry out the Health and Safety checks ensuring we meet the H&S regs.  I also manage the out of hours repairs rota and manage staff holidays, sickness and general office cover.  I support each department with tasks and cover roles when needed. Cinzia   -   As   Assisstant   office   manager   i   work   very   closely   with   Juli   to   ensure   the smooth   running   of   the   office.      As   well   as   this   role   I   also   manage   the   general   let portfolio     including,     signing     up     new     tenants     and     carrying     out     property inspections. Juli   and   Cinzia   -   “We   maintain   a   happy   office   environment   making   sure   the team   have   what   they   need   to   carry   out   thier   roles   and   offer   support   where needed”.
I am responsible for the IT within the company. This includes managing the website, our internal system, and dealing with any network issues that may arise. I also support my colleagues with all office duties. I am currently doing an Advanced Level Apprenticeship in Business Administration.

Joe Campbell


I am the newest member of the PFL team. I process the day to day Administration of the Company, and will usually be the first person you speak to when you ring.

Brittany Fallon


Debbie Morris

Repairs Team

I    assist    Sue    when    taking    repairs, arranging    jobs,    and    checking    they have       been       completed.       I       am responsible       for       arranging       the gardening   at   your   home.   I   also   make sure    all    the    contractors    who    carry out    the    jobs    have    public    liability insurance.
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Meet the PFL Team

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